getting in balance so you can heal yourself

Understanding I needed more than just food to heal myself

Through all my research into food and diet, I started to realize there was so much more to healing my body. I want to feel the best I can be, and the food I put into my body is a massive part of this. As I continued with my journey looking into food, it kept leading me back to the past and how our relationship with food and our bodies was very different. Ancient people viewed themselves as a whole and believed in balancing and nourishing their body. This is something that kept cropping up time and time again in my research. I was starting to understand something was still missing. Although I am still on a consistently evolving journey with my food, I felt it was time to bring in other things into my life.

getting in balance with nature

It was time to think about my mind and body not just my gut. I have dabbled with meditation and mindfulness in the past and liked the ethos behind it, but struggled to stick to any pattern. I have also done yoga classes but found them hard to commit to. Time and time again I would come back round to these practices and they seemed to make sense to me and fit with what I was trying to achieve, a kind of ‘total wellness’.

Over the last year I had suffered with health problems and had a miscarriage. I felt that I was out of balance and needed to re-store some control and balance over myself. I felt I had to give my body what it needed, as some how I was lacking in something. The problem was I needed to find what that something was and how it would work for me. After lots of soul searching, reading and journaling, I started to find my way.

nourish yourself

I had to work out with my diet what works best for me, so why not with the rest of it? I decided I was going to take and use certain things from lots of different areas and make them work for me. I knew I loved how yoga made me feel, I enjoyed the relaxation and peace meditation brought me and I love being in nature. The one thing that seemed to fit all this together was Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient practice of connecting the mind and body to achieve ultimate wellness, it aims at healing and looking after the body using natural foods and practices of exercise and self care. The basic principles work by eating and living to suit your ‘Vata’ or body type, as we are not all the same but generally fall into 3 main types. You can find more out about Ayurveda here.

I could really relate to this method of life, but it is very restrictive and quite hard to live by. I continued to research into it and came across Sahara Rose. She has a more modern approach to this ancient practice. It is still routed in the same knowledge and methods but she has updated it into a more modern version that is easier to live by. After completing the test to find out which ‘Vata’ I was, my mind was made up. Everything fitted into place and ran so true.

Ayurveda and me

By taking the elements I felt I could live by I changed my life in a few small ways…

  • My Diet  I included  and eliminated foods to suit my Vata (within AIP)
  • Morning Routine I wake up early before the sunrises and do yoga in the comfort of my own home, in the garden or surrounded by my plants inside if it’s winter, Drink hot water and lemon and meditate, tongue scraping
  • Evening Routine I dry brush my body before showering or bathing then oil it afterwards with oils suitable for my Vata, tongue scraping, go to bed early
  • Journaling I write down positive things I want to achieve, things that inspire me

The way I have felt since incorporating these small changes in my life has been incredible. I feel like I now truly understand my body. I have energy and actually feel healthy and vibrant. I am content and don’t get stressed as easily as I used to. I feel in control and balanced, inside and out. My mind and body was definitely ready for some self care and nurturing.  After three months of this new lifestyle, I found out I was pregnant! I am now 4 months along and feel great, I have had no issues, not even any morning sickness.

how i got pregnant naturally

I believe that I had to give my body what it needed to restore and nourish itself. It rewarded me with the gift of a new life. After years of trying and a miscarriage, i never believed this would happen to me. It just goes to show what can happen when you listen to your body, heal it and restore the balance.

2 weeks ago I had an appointment with my Gastroenterologist. I had been to see him for tests as although I felt great, I wanted to ensure I wasn’t deficient in anything or needed supplement. Despite my ‘restrictive’ diet, all my tests cam back as normal. He discharged me from his care saying that as I was healthy, and seem to have repaired any damage from my auto immune diseases and he no longer saw the need for me to be under his care. I already knew this, but it is always good to have it backed up with scientific evidence. I am going to continue along my path to maintain MY balance and wellness 🙂

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