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The free from big shop. 10 things you need to know about food shopping

Ahhh the big shop. Everyone needs to do it, but a FREE FROM big shop is a much more stressful affair. Here’s my list of the top ten things you need to know about before embarking on this weekly mission…

1.  You will need to put half a day aside. 

You will not find everything you need in one supermarket. Be prepared to travel to at least 2 and also a health food shop. Then you will still have to go online for all the items you still couldn’t get.

Free from food shopping



2. Remember your glasses. 

You are going to have to check the ingredients lable on every single item going into your trolley.



3. Brace yourself for the price.

Items can be up to 4 times the price and half the size 🙁

gluten free bread price difference



4. Don’t expect too much.

You may marvel at the size of the free from aisle, but two thirds of it will be cakes.

free from aisle



5. Be ready to get hands on. Every loaf and bread bun will need squeezing, to find the one that is the softest and has the least holes!

gluten free bread squeeze



6. Be prepared for disappointment. Most of the time the one item you really needed will be sold out.

free from empty shelf



7. There will also be excitement. When you find a new item you haven’t come across before you will totally lose it.

gluten free excitement



8. You will be that person taking  photographs of food. You won’t be able to resist snapping the new products you’ve found, sharing them with other free from friends. It feels like your duty to spread this rare found joy.

free from sweets



9. Practice at holding your breath. This skill is invaluable as, with all the shops your visiting, you will inevitably  find yourself in the fresh baked goods aisle. Hold your breath and push that trolley as fast as you can to get the hell out of there… without looking too weird.

hold your breath



10. The free from aisle can be the loneliest of places. If anyone else enters this barren zone, it feels like they are automatically your friend, as they too share what you are going through.

free from isle


I’m sure if you are reading this you can relate to some of these? This shopping struggle is real every week. My understanding family only eat gluten free in the house, so although I can’t eat half the items I have shown in this post I still have to go through this free from aisle shopping nightmare. This is also why I need to visit a health food shop, to get the extra things I need for my diet that can’t be found in supermarkets.

Please do comment and let me know your free from shopping experiences, I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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