Things I hate about having coeliac disease

Things I hate about having coeliac disease – getting tired and missing out on the fun

Having coeliac disease really gets me down some days.

There’s probably going to be quite a few ‘Things I hate about coeliac disease’ posts, but in this one I want to talk about the tiredness.

I’ve had a snow day today, which has meant an unexpected day off  work… freedom! The things I could have done with it, I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to do if only I had the time, but no, the coeliac fatigue has struck. The tiredness floors me, every part of my body aches from my bones through to my muscles. I feel weighed down like my body is made of lead and I can’t summon the energy to do anything.

It is so frustrating when this happens. I got glutened a couple of weeks ago, and so this episode is probably because I’m unable to absorb enough nutrients due to my damaged gut. That’s another thing I hate about coeliac disease, once you’ve accidentally injested gluten, the symptoms and damage caused go on for such a long time after. You can read more about what happens when I get glutened here.

The tiredness from coeliac has caused me to miss out on loads of things. I’ve missed being at social gatherings and joining in activities and experiences with my family and friends. I’m usually the one behind the camera photographing everyone doing the fun stuff because my body won’t let me join in.

Today I missed out on a snow fight with my husband and step sons and yet again will be absent from the family photo of the fun time that was had.

Today gluten I really hate you.



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